Let me ask you a random question: what if you see a horse stuck in a tree on your way back home from school or work?

What will you do?

You see, there was one incident back in 2008 at West Virginia: a horse named Gracie got her head stuck in a tree. She would not have been freed, if not for a passerby and thankfully – a neighbor of Gracie and its owner – named Jason Harschbarger. He was able to set Gracie free with only a few minor injuries using a chainsaw.

Now, here are some ways to rescue a horse from being stuck in a tree:

  • Call for help. The first thing you should do is call for help. If you’re younger than 18, call an adult nearby immediately or call 911. If you’re 18 or older, check the situation first before calling anyone for help. If it’s something that can be done by just you and another person, then call someone for help nearby. If it’s something that needs immediate medical attention, then call 911. The horse might be stuck in the tree for hours and might have a serious injury already.
  • Calm the horse. Just like other animals who accidentally get their heads stuck in a tree, it would be anxious – and sometimes, to the point where it will cause more injury. Pat the horse on its middle section (by the tummy) and try to calm it down.
  • Gently pull the horse’s head. Hold its neck and gently pull its head to the direction of its body. If it can’t be done, that’s when you’ll need to be more decisive – even bolder – on using tools to set it free.
  • Use a saw. For this, you can use a chainsaw to free the horse from being stuck in a tree. Just remember to do it carefully, as well as mindfully on which part of the tree you should cut down. Try to cut it on just one side, near the edge of the horse’s neck.

Check out for more info on the right saw to use when you come across this kind of situation.

  • Gently pull the horse’s head again. But this time, pull it upwards. Now that you’ve cut down one side of the tree, you can now try holding its neck and gently pulling its head upwards.

And that’s how you rescue a horse from being stuck in a tree…