LED grow lights are quite new in horticulture and indoor farming. It is a concept that started as late as 2012. One of the top application areas of LED grow lights is indoor Weed cultivation. There are three things you need to care about; efficiency of the LED light, spectrum, and longevity. But the question in many Weed growers is what LED type to choose for their indoor weed farms. Here are LED factors you need to put into consideration in order to select the best LED grow light.

The quality of the Lights

Unlike other sources of light whose quality relies on easily observable features, the quality of LED lights heavily relies on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have established themselves to produce high quality LED lights that have earned them a great reputation in the industry. LED lights from Nichia, Osram and Lumileds are greatly valued among indoor Weed growers. Lights from these manufacturers are quite pricey though.

The cost

You need to make unique cost evaluation while selecting LED grow lights. You have two options to pick from; branded LED lights which are expensive or high-end China or Taiwan made LEDs which are cheaper but are of comparable quality. Don’t pick LED grow lights without a name. Such lights have 100% certainty of breaking down within a short time of usage.

beautiful led garden

Consider current, not the Wattage

When buying a lighting system, the first thing to check is often the wattage of the device. However, one thing that needs to be emphasized on is the current. The more the current a LED grow light has, the more the light it will give out. But high current lights will inflate your electricity bills. Since efficiency is paramount, you need to choose LED grow lights with a slightly lower current rating of around 700Am.

Color mixing capability

Some LED grow lights have color changing capabilities. The choice you make here depends on the strain of Weed you are growing. Therefore it is important that you choose the best LED grow of 2017 when you buy a pair.