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14 Tips to Keep Your Horse Clean

Just like your kitchen appliances like bread machines, and other things or pets, your horses need to be kept clean too! As a horse owner, you should treat their bodies like human bodies that need cleaning.

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Here are the tips you should follow to ensure your horses are clean:

  • When washing, start by wetting the face. Be careful not to startle it. Move on to the other parts of its body and make sure all parts are clean. After washing, dry the horse and brush it.
  • Using a horse shampoo for its coat is recommended.
  • Brush the horse daily. Brushing regularly will help evenly distribute natural sebum over its hair. Use elbow grease and use quality brushes to maintain their cleanliness. Don’t expect their hair to be tidy if you’re using a dirty, dusty brush. High-quality brushes also last longer, so they’re good investments.brushing horse
  • Avoid fungal infections by assigning a different set of brushes for every horse you own.
  • Choose what brush to use according to the season. Summer brushes, which come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, must be used properly. Select a small, soft brush for your horse’s face and a bigger one for its body. Use winter brushes to get rid of dandruff and excess skin—they’re effective for this task because they are stiff.
  • When brushing, ensure that you’re following the direction of which their hair grows.
  • Begin with at the ends and work your way up when brushing the tail and mane. If you’re growing their mane and tail, don’t brush those parts every day. Rather, select out shavings and use your hair to untangle their hair to prevent breaking of hair.
  • If its mane and tail are difficult to untangle because of the knots, utilize a detangler to aid you in the brushing of its mane and tail.
  • animal-brown-horseTo boost hair growth, massage your horse’s tail root every single day using a body brush. Doing so will loosen and get rid of dander which may cause the horse to itch its tail.
  • Some horses might be ticklish when you brush them which is caused by their sensitive skin. Ensure that you’re extra cautious when brushing these delicate parts.
  • Use grooming mittens to wipe the dust from the coat of your horse and to apply a bug spray.
  • Pick out the horse’s feet with a hoof pick always. Do it every day and not just when you’re preparing them for a ride.
  • Use a hoof polish with a lanolin base for the hooves of your beloved horse. Apply polish once a week to maintain their hooves’ condition.

How Being around Horses is Good for You


Spend time with a horse person and you will probably be curious about the level of devotion. Horse ownership is not only a privilege. Those who are lucky to have one treasure their horses in ways that may be difficult for some people to understand. There is much good to be gain by just being around horses. And here are just some of them.

Builds authenticity

Horses seem to have a knack for sensing what is in your heart. And it is easy to be your real self when with them. It can be a liberating feeling not to worry about keeping your thoughts or feelings on a tight lid. Spending time with a horse allow you to just be yourself. Pure intentions and genuine care may even reward you with a friendship that you will cherish for life.

Special kind of friendship

Owning a horse has all the makings of a special friendship. A study reveals that horses are loyal creatures, especially when they are treated right. They have also displayed a long memory of friendships regardless of how long they may have been separated from their owners or care providers. So if you treat your horse right, you can be sure to gain a loyal friend.

Teaches responsibility

If you think having a horse is just like owning a cat or dog, think again. Horse ownership is an entirely different level of responsibility. While looking after animals requires time and attention by default, taking care of a horse may demand work from time to time. You have to make sure that a horse’s nutrition needs are met. You also have to devote time for its grooming and exercise.

Provides stress relief

Various studies have been made that point to one thing – time spent around horses can relieve stress. There is something therapeutic about being near them and caring for them. So if you are feeling stressed out, you may want to hang out with your horse. Or you can pay a visit to a stable near you and spend time with horses as you let your stress melt away.

A form of therapy

Some experts have been using horses for healing. The therapy is built on several studies made that suggest the beneficial effects of being around horses in promoting positive emotions. People who spend time with horses have been found to enjoy improved wellbeing.

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